The Bankruptcy Code authorizes what is called an instant and automatic “Stay” upon filing bankruptcy. This means all creditor contact and effort to collect your debt must stop. It is among the most powerful federal injunctions and is instantly available to debtors who file a petition in bankruptcy court. It immediately stops threatened foreclosure, bank levy, wage garnishment, auto repossession, and/or lawsuit(s).  All creditors must honor the Automatic Stay and cease all further communications with you.  No more collection activities by phone or mail: No more harassment!  Most creditors must seek and win their request for relief from the imposed Stay from a Bankruptcy Judge to pursue any further collection against you.
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There are exceptions to the Automatic Stay which include: paternity proceedings, child custody hearings, domestic support obligations, and criminal proceedings.  Special rules will also apply if you have had a recently dismissed bankruptcy case.
Creditors who knowingly violate the Automatic Stay create “Stay Violations” which we will go after under both Federal and State Laws.  We respond to these violators without hesitation. It is also important to realize that a legitimate Stay Violation by a creditor can result in a monetary payout to you in an amount which is typically more than the original cost of your bankruptcy! 

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